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Products & Services

Strategic Planning

We teach business leaders how to think strategically through "seeing" the future and how to coordinate their entire organisation to jointly and interdependently aim towards realising the corporate goal.

Your own Wiki

We have successfully designed and set up different corporate wikis enabling our clients to harness the power of collective thinking, intellectual property sharing and increased knowledge and understanding within the corporate community.

For articles related to setting up and running your wiki site, please click through to our wiki.

Knowledge Management

But a wiki by itself is not enough. Your wiki should be part of your knowledge management strategy along with your Internet, Intranets, blogs, social networking sites, etc.

Knowledge management is a business discipline aimed at improving how organisations use knowledge to better obtain their goals.

We can help you formulate and implement your knowledge management strategy aimed at:

  • reducing redundant work
  • avoiding reinventing the wheel
  • reducing training time
  • retaining intellectual capital and
  • adapting to changing environments and markets.

For thoughts on setting up your knowledge management strategy, please click through to our wiki.

Sales & Marketing Consulting

Selling is the art of satisfying your customer's needs in a way which represents value to your organisation.

Marketing is not about products and selling. Marketing is about focusing on your customers and how your solutions can satisfy their needs.

We can help your organisation set up procedures and tools aimed at improving the capabilities and successes of your Sales and Marketing teams.

ProposalID - Intelligently designed proposals

A proposal automation system that helps businesses win more sales through intelligently designed proposals and knowledge management practices.

See ProposalID for further information.

People, Processes and Technology Consulting

Once your organisation is aligned to your vision, you can start concentrating on developing profitability through more efficient procedures than your competitors.

With over 20 years experience in solving organistions' people, processes and technology problems, we are well qualified to have a look at yours.

Stock and Corporate Photography

As part of your branding, marketing and selling, fresh, professional photographs of your products, your people and your message are useful tools to help you communicate to your audience.

We've been photographing people, places and things for years. Let us show you how we could help you with your message.

For examples of our work, please click through to our Cream on Top Photography gallery.


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